Wall decorations.

Artistic artifacts.

Arcade decorated with marble columns.

Decorated arcade dating back to the early 1900s, no ancient decorations were found under the repainting,…

Ca’ Sgarioli

The village of Ca ‘Sgarioli, Santa Maria della Versa (PV) 2008 The term Ca ‘Sgarioli derives…

Oil and Acrylic paint.

Soft Pastel.

Chalk Art.

The Fairy Lantern.

Krefeld – Germany Rhine Side Gallery Urban redevelopment project of the space adjacent to the river,…

Wooden ceilings.

Project 1 – Decorated wooden ceiling.   Project 2 – Wooden ceiling, with posthumous decoration.

Through the eyes of children.

In this Urban Redevelopment project I was able to work on an Enel Cabin located next…