“Through children eyes” Mural

On November the 27th, a friend of mine called me to ask me if I were interested in an article he found on the local newspaper. He sent me a picture labeled: “How to decorate Enel Electrical Power Cabin – Contest Kick-off”. I double-checked, just to be sure, and the article talked indeed about a contest set by San Giorgio and Bigarello districts together, in order to enhance the general appearance of those sad Electric Cabins outdoor, decorating them with some sort of murals. There was a phone number, and I called it immediately.

They talked me about the project: the realization of two murals on two different groups of cabins, located in a central square in town. Artists were free to choose whatever subject they like for the murals, and there was only twelve days left …not bad if considered that I am super slow at painting!

Ideas started rolling on my mind, and I began wondering about something peaceful and joyful: the world seen with childhood eyes. My Little Prince open my eyes, actually!

I sent the work and waited, and waited again. Time flied and I had no news for a while, until a phone call announced me that, unfortunately, I did not win the main prices, but the jury did really appreciated my project, so they asked for more cabins to decorate! I was enthusiastic about that: I finally managed to paint at my hometown! As an artist I travel around the world, I paint everywhere, but any time there is a Street Art event at home, I am not considered, and I am always sad and disappointed about this.

But now…my Cabin is right behind a playschool, perfect match for the subject. Title of the mural is: “through children eyes”, the world seen and painted by them. In fact, there are kids the paint what their minds tell them, and so there come famous stories: a blond Snow White, the “break a leg” legend, a Saint George who does not kill, but become friend of the dragon…

Many curious, now, stop by and enjoy the picture. Well…I completed my quest!


Cosplay Models: Giulia Boscovecchio

Photo Cosplay: Manuel Moggio

Translate: Acerbo Lorenzo

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