Here I am, back from my last experience in US.From 8th to 10th September, the Madonnari’s event took place in Little Italy, a cozy area of Baltimore, which is full of typical Italian bars and restaurants – I really felt like home!!After an exhausting trip, I stopped at “Germano’s” where, together a gorgeous pasta “Cacio e Pepe” (chees with pepper), the event organizer Cyd Wolf and a jazz gig were waiting for me.This cultural mix of sounds and flavors was really thrilling me!! 

The following morning, the actual event started around 11.00 a.m. After tents were settled to create sun and rain cover, we finally had chalks by the hands and were ready to start!

This year’s topic was “Freedom”.

I wanted to pay tribute to the “Black Mamba’s – Anti Poaching Unit”, a group of women from South Africa, who fight with weapons to protect animals from poachers.It’s a topic which I really felt mine: freedom and the life of every living being. 

People were touched and gave me very satisfying feedback. They appreciated my choice and sometimes I recognized moved sights. Afro-Americans were mostly moved, maybe because of the topic or because of my respect towards them. Even though it’s been tiring, three working days run really fast among smiles, fatigues and hugs with old and new friends. 
My victory was the icing on the cake: first prize for Contemporary Arts!! 

It’s been a wonderful experience, with just a black spot due to all friends fighting against Irma hurricane. I watched the news and the images were just terrifying…
Now I’m back home, even though my mind and my heart are still in Baltimore and will stay there for some time longer!

I’d like to thank Cyd Wolf to inviting me, under the advise of my dear friend Vera, and all sponsors: Germano’s Piattini and Cabaret; Blanc Noir Bed&Breakfast; Segs in the City; Aldo’s Ristorante Italiano; Amicci’s of Little Italy; Boston Little Italy Restaurant and Sports Bar; Cafè Gia Ristorante; Pane e vino; Chiapparelli’s Italian Restaurant; Ciao Bella Italian Restaurant; La Tavola Ristorante Italiano; Little India; Sabatino’s Italian Restaurant; Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry Shop; Tagliata and Sotto Sopra.

Many thanks also to the great artists from Florence: Francesca, Flavio and Tomo and to the new entry Andrea.

Also, big thanks to Michael Kirby, who led us through the city sightings in the few spare hours before our leaving.

The article on Local Newspaper in Mantova: Gazzetta di Mantova 19 Settembre 2017:

Newspaper Gazzetta Di Mantova

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