Benches to raise awareness.

This is one of those projects born by chance, between a coffee and a chat, but a beautiful one, which immediately excited me. Unfortunately, due to personal and global reasons (the Covid-19 restrictions) it lasted longer than expected.

But let’s go in order. One day I was in my Town Hall (San Giorgio Bigarello) and I was defining the details for the Street Art project of Urban Redevelopment, having a mural made by the students of the Don Milani Comprehensive Institute. We went outside and they told me “These benches (pointing out two benches in front of the Town Hall) are really gloomy, I had involved women from different ethnic groups in writing the word ‘woman’ in their languages, but unfortunately it did not work out as I had hoped. But couldn’t you refresh them?”

“Why do only writings? Let’s pay homage to the Woman!” I proposed.

Having said that, actually choosing only 4 Women was the most difficult aspect. I wanted 4 Women who came from different regions, who set an important goal for the female gender, but who were also easily recognizable. In the end I opted for Rita Levi Montalcini (Italian scientist and senator), Malala Yousafzai (Pakistani activist, very young Nobel Peace Prize winner), Frida Kahlo (Mexican painter) and Anne Frank (Young German Jew, symbol of the victims of the Shoah).  The list was endless, from Artemisia Gentileschi ( great Italian artist who suffered violence and trials), Rosa Parks (American activist, symbol of civil rights movement), Valentina Tereskova (Cosmonaut and Russian politician, first woman in space) and the list was still endless!

I wanted very synthetic portraits next to the ‘word’ Woman, written in different languages. A tribute to Women, to those who struggle every day, who suffer violence and injustice.

I thank the Municipality of San Giorgio Bigarello for allowing me to make this tribute.

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