About me

Born and grown up in Mantua,Italy,  took a school-leaving certificate in Antique Decorative Arts at the Art Institute in Mantova and in 1997 I graduated in Mantova on Conservation and maintenance of works of art, paintings on canvas, frescos, panel paintings and sculptures in polychrome wood.

Currently, I am a freelancer and I take care of decoration and restoration.

I follows at the same time her love for Decoration realizing classic and modern decorations, art fakes and personal projects and decorations for private persons, shops, public places and residential estates.

As a child my father used to take me each year on 14th of August to see an international competition of pavement paintings in front of the Santuario delle Grazie di Curtatone (Mantova) in which every artist has to propose a religious representation made with chalk colours.

I was so fascinated to want to try and become my self an artist of this ephemeral and ancient painting technique.

I’m a co-founder of Centro Culturale Artisti Madonnari (Madonnari artists cultural centre).

I took part in various exhibitions and she performed in several Street Art events all over the world winning awards in Italy becoming Maestra Madonnara, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Germany,Denmark, Florida, California, Texas, Russia and Mexico.

My chalk work is also featured in the books:

  • ‘Sidewalk Canvas’ by Julie Kirk Purcell – London 2011
  • “Curtatone : I segni della storia” – Sometti 2014;
  • ‘ The Art of Chalk’ by Tracy Lee Stum – Rockport Publishers 2016
  • “I Madonnari  nel Cuore di Grazie “ Ex voto 2020 a cura di Paola Artoni e Paolo Bertelli, edito da Universitas Studiorum S.r.l
  • “Internationales StreeArt Festival” Wilhelmshaven del 2023.

I had the honor to help some days the crew that created the largest anamorphic 3D street pavement piece, brooking the Guinness World Record!The Guinness Book 3D installation took place at the Venice Municipal Airport Festival Grounds.