I’m just back from a short tour in Germany, which focused on Street Arts.

I attended for the third time the “Blumberg Street Art Festival”, in the small town of Blumberg. It’s a human scale festival, which has grown quite a bit in the last few years and in which I really feel at home. Despite the weather, which has been against us on Saturday evening and deleted some of my drawings, we’ve been able to complete our works.

I chose to represent a pattern of my own, taking inspiration form “Pachamama”, that in Quechua language means “Mother Earth”.She was a goddess blessed by Inca and other Andean Higlands populations, such as Aymara and Quechua. She’s the goddess of earth, agriculture, and fertility.I represented a woman with red paintings on her face, on her head a long-eared owl and a little owl, as from her mind takes birth the animal world. From her braided hair, runs a river, symbol of the Source of Life and, like life, the river is born and flows.

My piece of work has been so appreciated that I was rewarded with the first prize from public in 2D category. An amazing Rembrant Chalk Box: really my dream!!!

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